The Central New England Railway Model

This is an edited photo of the Canaan yard area from a valuation drawing in Robert Nimke's Central New England Railway three volume book set (out of print and next to impossible to find). This will be the basis for my beginning attempt to model the CNE.








I will be building the model railroad in modular sections of four, six or eight feet. This is because I will be connecting to a modular railroad layout at shows here in the northeast with the modular group I belong to, The Mohegan Pequot Model Railroad Club. Their web page is here.

To begin with I started building the old wooden bridge to go over the Blackberry River shown on the right of the above drawing. I used the Fox River Thru Truss bridge from Midwest Products Co Inc. I started by following the directions (sort of) and make a jig.

After staining all of the pieces prior to assembly I was able to complete both sides of the bridge relatively quickly.

Here is a quick shot of the bridge assembled and the water tower that will be built next. I still need to buy some more pieces because I am making the prototype bridge and not the zero clearance one that the directions show. Thankfully the directions appendix has the prototype assembly and parts list so I went to my local hobby store (Time Machine Hobby) and purchased the needed supplies.