Canaan Union Station

East of here is Canaan

Looking eastbound toward Elm Street and Pfizer. McDonald's is now on the right of the tracks and on the far side of the road. The picture below was taken from about where the side walk is between the Railroad Crossing sign and the telephone pole on the right side of the tracks..

This is an old picture of the crossing at Main Street. You can see the Station beyond the boxcar to the right. The Housatonic Railroad uses this trackage now for access to the Pfizer mill on the east side of Elm Street. To the left of the above picture was the old Borden Creamery which is shown below. Now there is nothing left of this structure.

In the area of the Borden plant is this:

Borden was behind the equipment company and the station is to the rear of the camera.

This is how the Union Station looked in December of 2006 (above left) and in March 2008 (above right). I understand that a lot of work has been completed but they still have a long way to go. If you would like to help in the restoration of this historic building or would like more information they have a website you can do that at. The Housatonic crossing is just in from of the tower.

This is a picture of the restored weathervane that had been removed by the fire department after the fire. That same fire department were the ones to restore it to its place. An article from RSHS Depot (

"On Sunday, Oct. 14, members of the Canaan and Sharon volunteer fire companies were lifted to the top of the tower at the southwest corner of Canaan Union Station to replace the historic weather vane. Firefighters removed the vane on Oct. 14, 2001, the day after the fire, so it was considered fitting that they be the ones to replace it. The weather vane's ornament is in the shape of a steam locomotive, with tender."


 Here is the crossing. Straight ahead down the row of pine trees and through the new Harrington Building Supplies building you would come out on Route 44 and the Canaan Yard.

West of here is the Canaan Yard