East of here is East Canaan

Canaan was another of the high production areas of the CNE. Here in Canaan were lime kilns and lime quarries that fed them.

From East Canaan the roadbed runs parallel to Route 44 on the south side into Canaan until just before town where it crosses Route 44 and goes into the Pfizer Company property. From Pfizer to the Canaan Union Station the roadbed is in use by the Housatonic RR to deliver cars to Pfizer. The tracks cross Elm Street and go behind McDonald's to come out and cross Route 44 and heads for the Union Station.


This is looking north on Elm Street


This is looking eastbound at the Elm Street crossing. The big storage silos of the present day Pfizer company would be straight ahead between here and the hill in the distance. New England Lime Company was beyond against the hillside on the P&F branch. Continuing around the corner the CNE will go over Route 44 and run parallel for a while until it heads down towards the Blackberry River and the blast furnaces.

Turning around and looking west we see Main Street and the Canaan Union Station