East of here is Summit

Norfolk is where the CNE got its start. The railroad comes into town from the south along Route 272. As it reaches the south end of town it crosses over Route 272.

This is from the right of way looking westbound over Route 272 towards the green. It then goes around the town green and enters a tunnel under the Albany Turnpike (Route 44).

Looking from the station eastbound towards the tunnel circa 1888.

This is how the area looks now. The tunnel has been filled in but the stonework and railing is still there.

After it exits the tunnel it passes the Norfolk Station. This is the old station prior to it burning and the New Haven rebuilding it with the stone structure that is still there today. After the station it goes across Shepard Road, up the valley towards Haystack.

This is the public side of the NH station as it appears today.

This is looking westbound west of the station towards the Shepard Road bridge. From there it went up the east side of the valley and under Route 272 at Dry Bridge.

Haystack Mountain is next.