Pine Meadow

East of here is Cherry Brook and Satan's Kingdom.

Pine Meadow , just west of Satan's Kingdom was served by both the CNE and the Canal Line (NH). They both shared the depot in Pine Meadow and their tracks crossed each other west of the depot. As my father remarked to me on one of our excursions to chase trackage - there must have been some good races through the gorge between Pine Meadow and Collinsville between the engineers of the competing railroads. What a sight that would have been to see and hear two trains going through that narrow gorge at the same time! After Satan's Kingdom the lines ran side by side all the way to and through Pine meadow where they crossed each other near the depot and into New Hartford where the Canal Line went back across the river to serve the Greenwoods Brush Company and get ice from the icehouse on Greenwoods Pond. Some of the factory is left and the remains of the icehouse loading platform footers are still present but the entire building burned down some time ago.


This is looking westbound with Satan's Kingdom behind me east of the above picture. The Six D's Restaurant is also behind me. to the right is the Farmington River and Route 44 (Albany Turnpike) to the left. At this point the CNE was against the river and the Canal Line Branch of the New Haven was between it and the highway.

Here is where both railroads crossed the highway. the depot was directly ahead behind the trees.


The above picture is from the UCONN archives. The inbound train is eastbound on the CNE trackage. It is about to cross the Canal Line interchange and pull into the station.

Westbound our next stop is literally around the corner in New Hartford.