Stoney Lonesome

East of here is Haystack Mountain .

From Ashpohtag Road there is a trail maintained by the Norfolk Land Trust for hiking that follows the CNE right of way to and past Stoney Lonesome.

The right of way is overgrown in places and wet in others but the walk on the trail isn't difficult. This is looking west towards Stoney Lonesome.

This is the east side of Stoney Lonesome as it looks today.


These pictures are looking west from the middle of the cut. My daughter Katelyn is standing near where the woman in the George Phelps photo at right was standing.

After the Stoney Lonesome cut the right of way makes its way along the side of the mountain towards the Whiting River Viaduct.

Here is this area is the pin used to haul the engine #6 "Bloomfield" back up the mountain to the track after it hit a boulder and jumped the track on 8 March 1882. It took ten days for the engine to be brought back up to track level.

West of here is Whiting River .