or Chapinville

East of here is Twin Lakes

1/2 mile plus spur north to Chapinville Furnace (Loudon Iron Company 1840 - 1890). Dismantled around 1899 after being bought by Scovills. Spur used after that to deliver feed and coal to them. The spur also handled the Taconic Stone quarry (with scales), ties, cordwood, and ice at one time.

Above is an eastbound view from the end of the causeway looking towards Twin Lakes Station. At one time the causeway (and before that, a trestle) used to extend across to where the boats are.

This is a view of the causeway looking eastbound about halfway between Taconic and the end.


Above is a westbound view from about where the spur branched off to the right headed for the blast furnace. To the left past the wood fence the rails went under Taconic Road.


This is a picture of the Taconic Station about 1915. The spur is out of the shot to the right and the bridge with Taconic Road is to the left.

The spur to the furnace comes in from the right with the station over my right shoulder and goes straight up to the furnace about half a mile away.

After the railroad went under Taconic Road it made a left turn and headed for Salisbury. This is looking westbound from Taconic Road.

West of here is Salisbury