Twin Lakes

East of here is Washining

The Twin Lakes station was located where the two lakes met. The railroad came from Washining, down the south shore to the little spit of land between the lakes, across Between The Lakes Road and out across two trestles (both now filled in) to the other side of the west lake and into the Taconic station and the spur to the old blast furnace.

Looking eastbound from Between The Lakes Road towards Washining. This is now a private driveway. The owner either knows some history or just likes trains because the picture below shows the house number pretty well.

The bridge that carries the driveway over the water has some interesting features:



Above is a picture of the Twin Lakes Station from about 1890 looking westbound towards Taconic.

Further west is the causeway over the west lake (now partially removed to improve the water flow)

West of here is Taconic