or Blake's Summit

East of here is Canaan Yard

Washining station came about when some very wealthy and influencial men built elaborate cottages on the east shore of the northern most of the Twin Lakes. It was never more than a flag stop and a siding for unloading building supplies. Originally named Blake's Summit after one of the men.

Above are pictures of the remnants of the CNE bridge over the Housatonic River west of the Canaan Yard and the Blackberry River.

Above is a 1915 photo of the Washining station and Twin Lakes Road crossing looking eastbound towards the Housatonic river and the Canaan Yard.

Looking eastbound across Twin Lakes Road today back towards Canaan.

This is where the railroad bed comes up to and parallels South Shore Road on it's way to the Twin Lakes Station. View is eastbound.

West of here is Twin Lakes