West Winsted

East of here is Winsted

After Lake Street the line enters another industrial area. A new steel building has been built on the right of way. Entering the area from the backside (a no-no if you read the signs posted) we go to the back of the steel building and start working our way westbound.

This picture show the area of a mishap on 22 Apr 1901. The stream to the right was swollen with runoff from Highland Lake and undermined the center support of the bridge. As the engine passed over the bridge on it's way to the station for the morning run it fell through.

Looking westbound from the bridge site we look into what was once the West Winsted yard and station area. The green tree to the right of the red truck is the sight of the turntable.

This is the turntable pit in West Winsted. The roundhouse was where the green tree is in the center of the picture. Though long abandoned the pit is still solid after all this time.

Beyond this area the line crosses another road and goes behind another industrial building to emerge on the other side and start its climb up the Mad River Valley.