Strasburg, PA

In August 2007 my wife and I took a trip to Strasburg, Pennsylvania where I was lucky enough to take the noon shop tour.

Here is a link to this wonderful railroad experience:

This tourist railroad is working in cooperation with the Amish community in the area to preserve both ways of life. It is a completely private affair with no government grants to support its continued existence. If you haven't been here it is definitely worth the trip.

Strasburg #90 pulling in to the station to hook up to a passenger run.

The "Reading" business car interior looking rearward.

The "Reading" business car interior looking forward

The "Reading" business car interior in the observation room looking rearward.

Me and my honey on the ride.

View from the car over the countryside of Pennsylvania.

Notice the hand crafted workmanship of the car interiors

The interiors of the cars are beautiful.

Across the street is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

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